About Me

Hi fellow fashion lovers!

In this page I want to give some brief history on myself!

I’ll start with saying I absolutely ADORE fashion and everything about it. Ever since I was little I was always looking in store windows and going through magazines, mesmerized by the colors, styles and fabrics. I dreamt of being able to put together incredible outfits every day that would be the talk of the town.

That is where the idea of my C’est Chic blog came from. I want to share my outfits with all of you to help spark ideas and also to encourage all of you to share your outfit ideas as well!

I know how frustrating it is to stand in your closet at night and try to think of what would be an appropriate outfit for the next day. Sometimes it can come easily but on the nights that it doesn’t it is SO frustrating. I would look on fashion blogs and fashion apps looking for ideas before I went to bed and try to come up with something different and unique for the next morning.

However, as frustrating as it is sometimes, my drive to find daily unique outfits never fails me and I am constantly being asked by my friends, “Where do you get your clothes!?”, “How do you NEVER repeat outfits?!”, “Can I hire you as a stylist!?”, “Can you give me outfit ideas!?”. These compliments never fail to flatter me and so I came up with an idea to make a blog that will give those who struggle at night planning an outfit, as I do, some (hopefully helpful) ideas! What I always try to remember with every outfit is to add my own personal touch and always change certain articles of clothing around so every look is unique and different!

So with all that I hope you guys are able to get some inspiration and ideas from my daily outfits and I hope that you will send me some of your own outfits and ideas that I can use as inspiration!

So please feel free to send me any pictures of outfits or ask any questions!



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